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I really loved this writeup on building the new Airbnb design system.

Of interest: the fact that they consciously went against atomic design and created components instead of atoms + molecules, because in practice the latter “opens the door for all sorts of disjointed experiences”. I found that to be the case when working with atoms and molecules for a client project. But then, how does one easily and uniformly update all these components without having to manually tweak each one? Something like Adobe XD’s asset library (for colours and typography) could work, but– it’s not a perfect solution. I suppose there will always have to be an element of time/work put into it, dependent on the capabilities of the software you’re building something in.

They mention, as well, having trouble with needing component type to scale, and using layer groups to get around that. I am pretty sure you could handle that with Adobe XD components, which is a plus for the software. (Doesn’t offset the huge minuses of lacking Sketch’s wide usage and integrations with Literally Anything, though!)

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